Introducing ARISTARCO – Made for Washing

Helping you achieve unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency.

Aristarco has dedicated years to the meticulous research and discerning selection of materials for the creation of premium dishwashers. Established in 1956, Aristarco is manufactured in Italy and is distributed across over 90 countries worldwide, Aristarco dishwashers represent durability, reliability, and functionality and seamlessly blend stylish European design with high Australian standards.

100% manufactured in Italy, distributed in Australia exclusively by Stoddart.

The entire manufacturing process occurs in Italy with all materials sourced locally. Aristarco units are designed with long-term savings for the end user in mind, with special considerations taken to minimise energy use as well as water & chemical consumption every wash.

Stoddart offers a range of Aristarco dishwashers to suit any establishment.

The Aristarco warewashing range includes undercounter glasswashers & undercounter dishwashers that are perfect for cafés and bars where space is at a premium, as well as Hood-type Dishwashers & XL hood-type dishwashers, with optional Energy Saving Device that are ideal for kitchens that require powerful and efficient washing.

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