Commercial Kitchen & Bar Contracting

Kitchen Contracting Solutions

Stoddart - Australia's leading specialist in stainless steel fabrication, steel fabrication, metal fabrication and commercial kitchen solutions - is at the heart of kitchen equipment supply for some of the largest and most iconic stadiums, facilities and large infrastructure projects in Australia.

Stoddart has over 45 years of unrivalled experience in installation of kitchen equipment to the food service industry. From complete fabrication, engineering, drafting and project management, Stoddart is the undisputed first choice for major kitchen projects. Our experience in commercial kitchen equipment is unmatched and our clients including major construction companies, who rely on us to ensure that, the project comes in on budget, with no compromise in quality or function.

Stoddart Kitchen Contracting projects include convention centres, sporting stadiums, restaurants, colleges, universities, hotels, hospitals, correctional facilities, aged care and catering clients. There is not a project too difficult for Stoddart Kitchen Contracting as we have developed long lasting relationships with our key clients by understanding their challenges and delivering a finished commercial kitchen that exceeds expectations.

Stoddart expertise extends to commercial cooking equipment, commercial catering supplies, commercial kitchen supplies, stainless steel benchtops, commercial food equipment, commercial kitchen ventilation, commercial kitchen exhaust and commercial kitchen hoods.

Design & Construct Services

At the heart of everything we do is great design, and at Stoddart, we draw on more than 65 years of experience for every new project. Our highly professional team meticulously explores all possible layout variations and selects the best equipment to bring your ideas to life. We impartially source the most appropriate equipment for your menu, space, and budget.

Our design team have worked at the highest levels of the industry. We consider how kitchens will be used over their lifespan, factoring in safety, functionality, and the creation of a logical and streamlined workflow. This ensures chefs and their team can work comfortably and efficiently.

The detail of our design process enables you to visualise how your finished kitchen will function, allowing you to fine-tune the layout to perfection.

Exceptional Design at the Core of our Expertise

Come on a journey where vision transforms into tangible reality. Our design and construct team is dedicated to collaborating to materialise aspirations. From conceptualisation to realisation, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the construction of commercial kitchens and bars.

Stoddart D&C is capable of providing a seamless transition from concept to installation to commissioning. Our expertise encompasses every stage of the process, ensuring precise attention to detail from inception through to completion.

Stoddart has a commitment to excellence and industry-leading know-how, a wealth of segment-specific experience and an unwavering dedication.

From Inception through to Completion

Stoddart can also design and engineer complete remote refrigeration systems to suit all requirements and budgets. We will partner with our Coolroom, Refrigeration, Beer & Postmix contractors to complete the final fitout behind the scenes, all while maintaining communication with you directly through the Stoddart project team.

Stoddart's offering doesn’t stop there – our inhouse Chefs will provide in-depth training on all equipment supplied on site upon completion, or alternatively we can provide product demonstrations in one of our national Demonstration Kitchens prior to sign off. These chefs are also available for after sales advice on cooking and menu creation to get the best out of the selected equipment.

Finally, Stoddart also has an in-house Customer Service, Warranty, Spare Parts and Technical division for all after handover requirements or questions that may pop up.