Environmental Focus

Stoddart is committed to reducing our environmental footprint as a manufacturer. Our Environmental Management System, certified to AS/NZS ISO 14001 by Global Mark, includes a range of environmental initiatives that we are undertaking within our organisation.

Yearly Carbon Footprint
Breakdown per emission stream (all sites)
Carbon Footprint Comparison 2023

Solar Panel Installation at Stoddart Head Office, QLD

During September 2021, a suite of solar panels were installed to the Karawatha Head Office’s roof. The installation took over a month, with solar panels added to the factory and office roof.

Some of the numbers:

  • Max achieved AC power of 633.60kW

  • Annual Energy Production of 1.33 Gigawatt-Hours

  • 921.80 Megawatt-Hours for power at Karawatha, and 404.26 Megawatt-Hours exported back to the grid

  • 1,060.85 tonnes of C02 emissions saved, which is the equivalent CO2 emission savings of planting 48,724 trees!


Solar Panel Installation at Stoddart Perth

96 solar panels were installed to the roof of the new Stoddart Perth office. The 32kW solar system in Perth is expected to produce around 51 Megawatt-Hours for power at our Bayswater location.

Hybrid Car Fleet

Our fleet vehicles for Stoddart Sales Representatives have been recently replaced with Toyota Camry Hybrid Ascent Sport models.

Hybrid generally consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than a comparable conventional petrol or diesel-engine vehicle.

Printing Savings

Along with the Price Book, we have been encouraging the use of digital brochures. This will decrease our consumption of paper, inks and energy required to print the books, and make it easier to release updated documents.

Additionally, Stoddart participate in a “Close the Loop” printer cartridge recycling program and have recycled a total of 252.42kg of toner cartridges since 2016.