Woodson Salamander W.GTSQI15 Woodson Salamander W.GTSQI15 Woodson Salamander W.GTSQI15 woodson-banner-2-on-site-warranty
Woodson Salamander W.GTSQI15

Woodson Salamander W.GTSQI15


With a fifteen slice capacity, the Woodson Glass Element Salamander is the perfect size for a busy, quick service kitchen. The ‘instant’ heat infrared glass top elements delivers energy efficiency, while providing strength and durability. Two operation modes, timer controlled and manual control with rack activated switch, offers users a quick and easy to use system. This unit is easy to maintain, safe to use and extremely reliable.

  • Features multiple position slides and racks for easier and safer loading and unloading
  • Infrared glass elements provide exceptionally even heat distribution resulting in consistent cooking results
  • Due to the lack of fans or electronics the unit is consistently reliable
  • Stainless steel construction with new brushed finish ensures durability
  • Constructed with an easy to clean and removable crumb tray
  • Dimensions of 673 x 429 x 372mm
  • Electrical rating of 3.3kW - 15A


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