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Architectural Perforated Metalwork

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    Stoddart manufactures perforated metal products combining design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality. Stoddart can incorporate precision-perforated metals within building facades or sheltered walkways that allow architects and designers to not only create unique decorative designs and aesthetic effects, but also offer practical solutions for issues such as solar shading and sound management.

    As part of a lightweight cladding system, perforated materials can be used to provide more pleasant internal environments and reduce energy consumption by allowing natural ventilation and daylight to enter while shading spaces from direct sunlight. They can also improve building security, or be combined with sound-absorbing material to enhance acoustic performance.

    Stoddart can arrange for the installation of customised and standard panels and framework. Stoddart works closely with Architects, Engineers and Builders to ensure correct fixing and construction. Stoddart has a team of design draftsmen and Project Managers who consult from the moment of conception through to completion of the project.

    • The nature of the precision manufacturing processes used in metal perforation enables complex designs to be accurately rendered within perforated facades. This allows the incorporation of geometric shapes, graphic designs and perforated representation of photographic images. Stoddart PerfArt is created by punching different sized holes into metal to represent the various different shades within the image.
    • Detail in the perforated image is determined by the size and spacing of the holes in relation to the surface area. Images can be made to fit an individual panel, or can be perforated for an image over a larger area made up several panels. This can produce building cladding or plant screening to spectacular and very individualized effect.