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Custom Metalwork


    When your design ideas involve unique construction that utilises a variety of metals, Stoddart can provide the experience and expertise to complete your project within budget and on time.

    Todays architects and design consultants need the flexibility to be able to design in a variety of unique constructional forms. Stoddart understand the need for individuality and by working hand in hand with your Architectural Firm, Builder or Consulting Engineers, Stoddart can construct your project to the highest standards in workmanship. We have the technical expertise and use the latest drafting and design software to ensure the highest construction tolerances, bringing your individual architectural ideas to reality.

    Stoddart has the flexibility to do work independently with clients at any level, whether that be purely fabrication, or making use of our team of designers and engineers for assistance, or even as a full consulting service. Stoddart are the Architects choice for metalwork solutions.


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